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How Does Our Sitemap Generator Work?

The SitemapGenie crawler will crawl through your website, parse links from page contents, follow these links and then generate a sitemap.xml file. At the moment, our crawler is limited to 10,000 pages per website.

The sitemap generator will take robots.txt file into account and also follow your "nofollow" and "noindex" rules.

XML Sitemap?

If you are a developer or own a website, you know the first thing you do after launch is to generated a XML sitemap and submit it to Google Webmasters. But why is this so important? Google usually crawls your web pages anyway whether you submit a XML sitemap or not.

A XML sitemap is a list of web pages which you think should be included in the Google index. It is a way to notify Google of all the web pages you wanted to be indexed.

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